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Boost morale from a distance. Our distance learning gear is the perfect gift for school staff and student. Place your order today and customize with your school logo!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Bundles

With school closing, here are some easy ways to show your staff that appreciate them. Thank them from a distance with one of our distance learning bundles.

Customized School Uniform Programs

Your premier source for school uniform & apparel. Contact us today to get a uniform program set up for your school! Sign up for 2020/2021 school year now!

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Our Testimonials

What made you chose our service?

Republic Schools

After working with a uniform vendor for 7 years who provided mediocre service, constant price escalation, and an average product, we were looking for a partner who understood the why behind the work we were doing and who would work with us to find a new approach towards apparel that was mission driven and responsive.

Nashville Academy of Computer Science

My son’s school was using DressCODE for their uniforms and I loved the quality of the items that they provided.  The embroidery was amazing the products were well made.  The cost of the products was also reasonable and the convenience of receiving orders at the school was a huge factor.  We also loved that we can reach Darius easily, pitch an idea, and he is able to design a mock-up even better than we imagined.  With such great service I recommended Darius for our network of schools and he was able to start contracting uniform services with all our campuses. 

Liberty Collegiate Academy

I really love the Nashville community and those that work hard to provide a fair, quality, and affordable service to members of our community. This is why I chose DressCODE because it is extremely high quality and affordable for our scholars and families. I also prefer to support local businesses rather than larger corporations or businesses that are not local.

Valor Collegiate

The reason I choose to go with DressCODE due to thier compassion around making affordable and high-quality products for parents.

What made the experience working with me memorable?

DressCODE is responsive, attuned to the needs of our staff and families, and seeks out feedback in a constant cycle of improvement, which is a perfect match to our model of running schools. They have delivered on time and with a high quality on each project thus far.  

How has our services benefited you thus far?

 We can’t say enough good about the partnership---we’ve been able to bring down price points for families, introduce a few new lines, and have done it with less headache than we would with an external vendor outsourcing service.